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Is this sector still a money-spinner? That was one of the key questions put to the bosses of seven large-format PSPs brought together for Image Reports’ annual Widthwise Round Table. Here’s what they had to say.

What are your real-world wide-format production problems? The team developing new PDF standards want to know.

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment?

We are experiencing exciting times, having recently moved from a small workshop to brand new purpose built premises. This has had the biggest impact - increasing our print capacity hugely.

For retailers sustainability is top of their agenda. So if you work for them it needs to be high on yours too. The SDEA’s new environmental tool, Convert Plus, could help. Stylo is convinced. Are you?

…or let someone else mind it for you if you don’t have the in-house resource to ensure a robust and effective IT infrastructure. Andrew Metcalfe, managing director, of Opal IT runs through the key must-do’s.

Vehicles that drive themselves are no longer the preserve of science fiction, but how soon will they become part of our everyday lives - and part of your company transport fleet? Walter Hale investigates.

Richard Stuart-Turner looks at the latest developments in large-format printer transport systems and asks what's new and what's next?

Going green is not an option - it's a priority if you want a sustainable business. But is that message getting through to enough PSPs?

Paul Holohan, chief executive of printing industry merger and acquisition specialist Richmond Capital Partners, advises on how best to progress with strategic partnership formation.

Design company T’Go Creative has moved into large-format print, and has launched a customised wallpaper service. Could you learn a thing or two from its approach to new markets?