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While plenty of owners/managers of PSPs are stretching their imagination and looking beyond the familiar and easily accessible to grow successful and sustainable businesses, there are still those for whom a print trade show is the extent of their R&D. Finding the time to do more than that though is now a core managerial prerequisite – so keep your eye out for the just published April issue of Image Reports for features on the circular economy, nanotechnology and trends in the world of interiors and fashion as part of our remit to help you develop your business edge.

What do you want to know about Drupa ahead of the show? I ask as I’m working on the pre-show preview, and of course the press releases and organizer missals are rolling in – but with so much information online etc. what do you want me to focus on in the mag? I’m here to serve…

You’ve got to hand it to Benny Landa – he knows how to create noise. Perhaps you’ll you be one of those scrambling to get into the Landa Nanographic Printing presentations at Drupa? I’d be interesting to hear from you on what impact you think this ‘disruptive’ technology is likely to have on your print business – either now, or once you’ve had a chance to have a proper look-see at the actual printers at the show. Will it skew your investment plans?

OK – it’s a terrible pun, but it is nearly Easter! As more companies see the potential of wide-format digital print and enter the market, it’s to be applauded that so many PSPs already established in the space are coming up with innovative ways to remain competitive and build business. If you think you think your company deserves the ‘Innovators’ editorial feature treatment in the pages of Image Reports please drop me a line.

Are you making Web-to-print pay? Talking to wide-format PSPs over the last few months, it seems an increasing amount are doing just that. For some it’s meant quite hefty initial investment – in money and time – to develop bespoke in-house solutions, but now it seems we’re seeing real payback. I’d be interested in having your take on the subject.

Following on from my last newsletter comment that I was underwhelmed by Printeriors, and think we need to do better in showing off this sector’s capabilities to creatives, I’m wondering - would you get behind a ‘Think Bigger’ showcase of wide-format inkjet printed possibilities that could be taken to various vertical market events?

Well, I went to Fespa all keyed up to see what wonders would welcome creatives at Printeriors, hoping for imagination-stretching applications. Sorry to say it was not to be. If we really expect to wow people with the potential of what we can achieve with digital inkjet print we’ve got to do better than this. Come on – let’s think bigger.

What caught your eye at Fespa Digital 2016? Let me know if there was anything in particular that made you stop and think. From my perspective, I’ve got to say that it was speaking to visitors about their strategic development that got me most enthused. Has actual inkjet technology development plateaued?

What with the pre-Drupa press conference last week, travel to Fespa Digital today, and an influx of news regarding Sign and Digital UK, it’s somewhat frenetic on the trade show front. But I consider our relationship a two-way street, so drop me a line if you think there’s anything I should be making a point of seeing. Meanwhile I promise to keep you abreast of the info that comes my way…

It’s all going to be about inkjet at Drupa 2016 if this week’s pre-show press conference is anything to go by. OK, the focus will not be wide-format, but it will be extremely interesting to see where inkjet technologies are taking the print industry and the possibilities it presents for profitable participation.

News is in that Proskills is working with the industry to check if the  PrintIt! ‘schools into industry’ programme is working as well as it could. Given that hardly any large-format orientated printers are involved in the initiative I’d say the sector’s voice is hardly heard. Perhaps this is a good time to shout your corner.

Aston Martin’s chief gave what I considered a good reply to the question of whether it would be better for business to remain in the EU, or to get out, when asked on breakfast television this week. “A stable economy and free trade is what we need - other than that I won’t comment one way or the other.”  If you were put on the spot, what would be your take?

…to all of you who took part in the 2016 Widthwise poll of PSPs in the UK/Ireland  large-format print sector. I’m now number crunching and the analysis will appear in the Widthwise Report later this spring. Many thanks again – your input is much valued.

…for you to take part in this year’s Widthwise poll of the UK’s/Ireland’s large-format PSPs – it closes tomorrow, Friday 19 February. So far we’ve had over 250 respondents, so a massive thank you to those of you that have already taken the time to participate. If you haven’t – yet – you can do so now: click here