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Alleluia! 2019 has seen some real innovation in large-format products and systems development. Once again we highlight those that the editorial team consider worthy of particular praise. They are…

Your cat is smarter than AI. True. So should you ignore it? AI that is, not the cat! Walter Hale brings the subject into focus as we enter a new decade where it promises to dominate.

The manufacturers are in the starting blocks as we go into a bumper trade show year. As they jostle for position Simon Creasy asks ‘what large-format R+D is going to create the biggest impact in 2020?’

Wondering what your company will look like by 2030, and how technology will have changed it? Here’s some current thinking on how things are likely to shape-up over the next ten years.

The youth want to buy from, and/or work for, a company that stands for something more than making money. So should you still put profit first? Walter Hale investigates

 What lies ahead for large-format print companies in 2020? We brought together five company chiefs to discuss doing business today and in the coming decade. 

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment? 

Sustainability and being environmentally responsible is about more than offering PVC alternatives and being waste wise - and it seems PSPs are taking that on board.

Organisers of Sign and Digital UK (SDUK) are promising “an all new show in a new hall” when it takes place  on 28 - 30 April, 2020.  A new team has been put in place to deliver what they promise will be “a fresh show with a new website, new layout, new features and new stand options”. But is so much change code for “panic, we’re in trouble”? I met up with new event director Jenny Matthew to get her strategic take on developments.

By Lesley Simpson

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