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Image Reports is an information resource targeted at those that produce and sell wide- and grand-format digital print. The information is delivered through our magazine which is published 10 times a year, our web portal containing unique news and features and our bespoke events. You can keep up to date with everything we do by signing up to our email newsletters.

Relevant for businesses from lone owner-operator start-ups through to multi-million pound heavy-weights, Image Reports addresses all market sectors within the digital wide- and grand-format arena from the view of the producer.

Dedicated entirely to the wide-format digital print providers, Image Reports presents information via three main filters - business, technology and the environment, providing information that is genuinely useful to the reader, which can be applied to grass roots, everyday business practice, as well as medium to long-term strategic forward planning.

Image Reports is authentic to the everyday user experience, and all content in the magazine appears because of its usefulness and relevance to the wide- and grand-format digital print provider.

We hope that you find the new Image Reports website informative as well as interesting. Explore its interactive side; blogs, forums and soap box web pages. Have a say; make comments, send us 'your story' and give us your feedback.

Image Reports is produced by SJP Business Media Ltd

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