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D & K Europe Ltd



D&K Europe Ltd

Karen Turner
Commercial Manager
38-39 Crossgate Road
Park Farm
B98 7SN
United Kingdom

Information - UK: uksales@dkeurope.co.uk
Information - outside UK: exportsales@dkeurope.co.uk
Engineering Department: engineering@dkeurope.co.uk

D&K Europe Ltd: www.dkeurope.co.uk
D&K Group (USA): www.dkgroup.com



For over 30 years D&K has been manufacturing Laminating and Encapsulating equipment, from desktop models through to fully automated, high speed systems. Our reputation for a flexible approach to providing solutions for customer's finishing requirements includes custom build options.

Wide format also forms part of the range with machines for mounting and laminating with both thermal and pressure sensitive films and our acquisition in 2010 of Bienfang Framing Products® has increased our product offerings and strategic positioning in the photo and framing markets.

D&K produces a range of easy to run lamination and encapsulation films with excellent adhesion characteristics to suit a wide range of applications and finishes.  These include Superstick®, a revolutionary range of films designed to cure the headache of adhesion to digital print.

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