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Case study supplied by Durst

In the recent customer survey, “Perspective 2020”, Durst’s customers indicated that, in addition to technological innovation, customer integration has a particular relevance in working together to achieve commercial success. One example of what this type of commercial success can look like is illustrated by the development of roll-to-roll double-sided printing, which is available as a new option for the Rho flatbed printing systems. 

The starting point for the new feature was the company Eskils. The Swedish full-service printing provider began with large-format digital printing 10 years ago with two Rho 350 followed by two Rho 500, and invested in a Rho 1312 flatbed printing system with roll-printing option in 2015 in order to increase its productivity and expand its portfolio. Eskils’ core business is advertising media for the retail sector, where demand for products with double-sided printing has increased over time. Eskils’ technical director, Lars-Inge Brännmar, therefore faced the challenge of how to produce them 100% justified. As an initial solution, he developed marker points, but the constant manual working steps affected productivity. He imposed his requirement on Durst, and following a joint field test, the system for double-sided printing using sensors was developed into a viable product. The system is now available to all Rho users as an upgrade for the Rho 1312 as well as for the Rho P10 Series.

“Over the years, we have really come to value the reliability of Durst systems and were certain that, when we invested in the Rho 1312, we would have security of investment beyond the normal level thanks to Durst’s continuous development activities,” says Christian Nilsson, CEO of Eskils. “Of course, other companies are now also benefiting from our initiative, but we benefit from others, too. For example, in the area of soft signage, we can learn from the experience of existing Durst Rhotex customers, allowing us to analyze and implement textile applications with a greater focus in our market.”