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Hollywood Monster continues to invest in 5 metre market

Hollywood Monster confirms future 5m strategy with Vutek GS5000r order to CMYUK digital.

For Hollywood Monster, the new year has already seen investment in new equipment with the purchase of an EFI VUTEk GS5000r from UK distributor, CMYUK Digital. The West Midlands based specialist display producer is already renowned for producing fast turn- round superwide-format graphics up to 5m in width, by virtually any length, and the new machine now enables the company to match the standards of its output with its existing 3.2m VUTEk GS3250 without compromising quality.

Hollywood Monster has grown exponentially in the past few years, necessitating a move to new, purpose built premises in Tyseley, Birmingham. The massive, dedicated area it now occupies means that quantity and size of applications isn’t limited, as the company now benefits from a 3,720 square m area to speed through orders and maintain the highest quality levels.

No newcomer to superwide-format print, Hollywood Monster has been running 5m roll-to-roll engines for more than ten years alongside its armoury of other digital systems. These existing machines will continue to be used on a day-to-day basis but Simon McKenzie, director of the company, recognised the need to be able to offer higher standards of output at wider than 3.2m which is the size handled by its VUTEk GS3250 flat-bed and roll-fed printer.

“The 5m superwide-format market is not as well- served with machine options as the general wide- format sector, so we had fewer choices when it came to deciding on which printer to purchase,” states McKenzie. “Nonetheless, we considered our requirements carefully before making a choice and came down in favour of the EFI VUTEk GS5000r. This machine was a sizeable investment for Hollywood Monster and, with our burgeoning order book, we needed a reliable solution which we could have up- and-running immediately without any hiccups or lengthy training sessions.

“Consistency and reliability in our equipment are both vital factors at Hollywood Monster, along with familiarity in operation. We’ve been working with CMYUK Digital since we purchased our first VUTEk hybrid printer back in 2008,” McKenzie continues. “Two years ago we invested in a VUTEk GS3250 and, as both machines have proved to be the high quality work- horses we need, it made sense to move into superwide- format production with a printer from the same manufacturer.”

One of the key elements which helped Hollywood Monster’s decision over its new machine lies in colour matching. The ability to generate one job and output completely consistent results across two different platforms is vital where no deviation in colour is acceptable. This, typically, can pose a problem when different types of material are being used with the same artwork; working with different software and different printers can make it tricky to get absolute uniformity across results.

“It makes sense for us to maintain commonality across our two high-end printers,” confirms McKenzie. “We know that, by using the same productivity software, RIP and colour management capabilities, it’s easy to produce identical results regardless of the media we’re using. From an operator’s perspective, the interface on our VUTEk printers is the same and setting up each job is simplified and faster – an important element when fast change-over is required. The Fiery XF RIP that comes with these printers has proved to be popular with all of our production staff. It is easy to use and has delivered consistently from day one.”

Hollywood Monster’s reputation for generating high impact, epic graphics is renowned with point-of-sale and retail displays being areas for which the company has become well-known throughout the UK. Part of this success lies in its ability to be able to produce end-to- end solutions for its clients, enabling entire projects to be handled from start to finish in a seamless, efficient and cost-effective way. Having become the preferred supplier for a growing number of blue chip businesses, customers of all sizes can rest assured that each aspect of every order is taken care of, from concept through production to final installation and maintenance.

“Having built up such a high reputation for producing the best quality interior and exterior displays, Hollywood Monster’s requirements when it comes to a printing machine depend totally on quality, speed and reliability,” says CMYUK Digital’s Robin East. “Since the company’s inception it has worked with several different manufacturers of wide-format production equipment and expects nothing short of the best in terms of quality, throughput and reliability in its investments. This standard is consolidated since the move five years ago to EFI solutions.”

The addition of the VUTEk GS5000r now enables Hollywood Monster to continue to leverage the capabilities it offers all of its clients, many of whom originally dealt with the company some years’ back for the production of signs. Wide-format digital print has taken over as the preferred process for a growing number of the original applications which, formerly, came under the sign-making banner. Since the company’s transition to full-colour output, its client base has continued to increase in its demand for versatility.

As requirements become more complex, so production equipment needs to be able to handle greater demands for quality and size across a range of different materials. Hollywood Monster’s policy of careful investment has resulted in the company having the right machines for every job. This means that, no matter how complicated a production requirement might be, it has the equipment and the resources to generate the right finished product, on time, every time.

The EFI VUTEk GS5000r has other benefits as well as its 5m maximum print width, including working with multiple rolls so that three jobs of 1.62m wide can be produced simultaneously. A durable UV-curable system, its choice of print modes makes it ideal for close and distance viewed applications, and it has a maximum throughput speed of 288 square m/hour. Its eight- colour ink set is complemented by a highly opaque white that has an advanced three-layering capability, which McKenzie says optimises the ability to be able to use non-white and coloured materials. The machine canalso be switched quickly and easily to a fast Fast4 mode, and has an automated double-sided print option that guarantees precise registration.

“Companies like Hollywood Monster are one of the reasons that CMYUK Digital has become the preferred supplier in the UK when it comes to wide- and superwide-format printers,” continues East. “We work with our customers, almost as a partnership, and our relationship with them doesn’t stop once a machine is up-and-running. As a result, when a new investment is on the horizon, we always get involved because we know their specific requirements and what will be the best solution for them.”

Hollywood Monster has grown to become a leading display producer, working with many of the largest names in retail, commercial property and construction, sport, television and theatre. It is a blend of talent and skill, innovation and careful investment which has enabled the thriving company to stay one step ahead of the competition. Its print capability is complemented by full consultancy, project management, planning and comprehensive installation service.

CMYUK Digital is the UK’s authorised distributor of EFI VUTEk wide- and superwide-format printers, as well as a specialist reseller for Mimaki UV-curable systems, A Berger soft sign fabrics for digital printing, SpiritTEX display profiles for textiles, and the Zünd family of flat-bed cutting tables. The company also offers full colour management set-up and trouble- shooting, plus a range of useful consultancy and service options.

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