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Roland DG's VersaUV S-Series

Roland DG will be demonstrating the VersaUV S-Series at Sign & Digital UK, 24th - 26th April 2018 at Birmingham, NEC. Alternatively, it can be seen in action at the Roland DG Creative Centre, where it can be demonstrated to fully display its impressive features and its output adapted to fulfil requirements of your business.

Reading the future of print

Roland DG launched its new wide-format VersaUV S-Series range in late 2017, having identified an opportunity to offer more functionality and production capability to retail and industrial sectors. Comprising both flatbed and belt digital print systems, the range was developed in response to the continued popularity of large-format printing and the projected growth in the industrial print sector.

Based on proven Roland DG UV-LED digital print systems, the VersaUV S-Series is based on a modular concept. VersaUV S-Series devices can be configured to a range of widths and lengths on a flatbed chassis or belt-fed system to provide a product range of seven pre-configured systems (three hybrid and four flatbed versions) capable of printing on thin film as well as on objects of up to 200mm in height and 100kg/sqm in weight.

As such, it’s possible to direct print stunning quality graphics, images, textured and embossed effects onto virtually any substrate or object, rigid or flexible with Roland DG’s latest printers. And when it comes to applications, the only limit is your imagination – VersaUV S-Series UV-LED printers are ideal for the volume production of personalised goods, industrial marking, speciality signage and exhibition graphics, packaging prototypes and so much more.

Offering significantly more printing opportunities than conventional hybrid or flatbed devices, Roland DG predicts that the VersaUV S-Series will become the new industry standard, particularly for hybrid printers.

Innovative technology

Roland DG’s VersaUV S-Series has been designed with ease of use and print production optimisation as its cornerstones. The range supports the fullest gamut of production requirements and has been designed to meet the widest array of customer requirements.

Whether you’re printing onto rigid or flexible, thick or thin, heavy or light and sensitive materials, virtually any type of substrate can be effectively printed with the VersaUV S-Series – from direct print onto alloy wheel rims through to delicate roll media which is incompatible with a standard roll-fed machine – and almost everything in between.

The VersaUV S-Series can also print special 3D effects with UV gloss ink printed in layers to build up embossed features and textures on high-end point-of-sale panels, Braille for labelling and decals, and even a crocodile skin effect printed directly on to your smartphone.

Additionally, the unique low temperature curing of Roland DG’s LED UV ink strengthens the VersaUV S-Series flatbed and belt models use with a host of standard substrates and non-conventional materials. Roland DG’s ink options include gloss and white as standard, enabling companies and industries to create fantastic effects and finishes.

Both the flatbed and belt models provide a variety of features that were previously unachievable in large-format commercial printers. The most notable of these is an impressive print height of 200mm. The ability to print items of this height – as well as printing very thin objects – is unique in existing large-format flatbed and belt hybrid printers. The VersaUV S-Series’ powerful vacuum function can be reversed to enable easy media loading and unloading.

The features of the VersaUV S-Series Belt printers also resolve a common industry fault - found across most large-format hybrid printers - in as much as existing hybrids are generally more focused towards roll-to-roll production and don’t have much space allocated to accommodate a dedicated flatbed area. These machines instead rely on external tables for extra space. The S-Series is the ideal compact printer for rigid materials as these progressive devices come designed with a larger native flatbed area, adding stability, simplifying use and future-proofing business requirements and customer needs.

By equipping the S-Series belt with a roll-to-roll capability, unlimited-length flatbed possibilities and the ability to print onto virtually any object, almost anything a customer requires – both now and in the future – can be provided with ease.

In terms of software, the VersaUV S-Series is available with Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP software for PC. For Mac users, Roland PrintStudio RIP software is available and allows native OSX operation.

Both RIPs use the latest PDF engines to ensure complex artworks and special effects like transparencies and shadows are printed as desired. Artworks can be easily created from all major graphics applications including Corel and Adobe.

Creative Applications

A full range of applications can be produced using the S-Series printers. Its versatility ensures that it can print on to a range of standard and unusual substrates including acrylic, plastic, wood, glass, leather, metal, vinyl, canvas, paper and more. The S-Series flatbed version delivers impeccable quality full-colour, photographic images, logos and designs.

Creativity need no longer be restricted by hardware capabilities. The flatbed model can also print onto large or unusual objects such as furniture, musical equipment, electrical items, surfboards and more, and can fulfil large production runs on a jig producing items such as mobile phone cases or wine boxes.

The S-Series belt version preserves roll-to-roll functionality as well as unlimited flatbed length, offering the best of both worlds. This hybrid machine benefits from a smaller device footprint, allowing users to maximise space and only use media tables when the media requires it. It is ideal for users with limited production space and those wanting optimal versatility in terms of roll-to-roll, rigid and flexible substrate compatibility.

Who is it for?

Roland DG’s VersaUV S-Series’ projected customer-base is very varied due to its wide-ranging versatility. Sectors that would benefit from adopting this technology include PSPs, exhibition graphic suppliers, packaging and label producers, POP, internal display prototype developers and many, many more.

Thanks to the S-Series’ exceptional height and weight capacity, there are now many more diverse objects or substrates that can be customised. Businesses that invest in the VersaUV S-Series will be able to future-proof their operations.

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