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Cost effective warranty protection for your print digital and sign machinery

ATLANTIC PRINT SOLUTIONS(APS) with our dedicated print industry sales, service and support team have many years experience in designing, developing and supplying our international Extended & Breakdown Warranty programs for the print, sign and digital industries of the UK, Europe and the US. APS offers a wide and varied range of productivity and profit enhancing warranty support and service packages for the UK & European Print, Sign and Digital industries, aimed to provide a competitively priced protection against the increasing costs of breakdown for all types of digital imaging, press and finishing equipment and machinery.

Our Warranty programs have been developed for manufacturers, suppliers and end users alike, the cover is proven to protect your machinery against those unexpected and costly breakdown repairs which are:

  • Proven to reduce the annual costs and spend on breakdown repairs.
  • Proven to improve the overall protection for your equipment and machinery. Proven to improve response times following a breakdown through our national network of repairers.
  • Proven to increase the reliability of your equipment through one of our Preventative Maintenance contracts.
  • Proven to manage your company‚Äôs annual spend more effectively.

Atlantic cover all major manufacturers machines inclusive of Wide Format Printers, Flatbed Printers, Computer to Platesetters, Laminators, Plotters, Routers, Digital, Sheetfed, Label and Web Presses, Folders, Collators, Stitchers, Guillotines, Booklet Makers and Perfect Binders, so if the machine is used in a print or sign production environment then we will; and already do; provide a warranty cover for the machine.

Atlantic programs are well tried and tested worldwide and our unsurpassed warranty support is divided into two main program categories; there is our very popular end user Breakdown Warranty for all installed and out of warranty machines or there is our Extended Warranty for new and refurbished machines which is generally available from Manufacturers, Distributors and suppliers of equipment and machinery.

Atlantic Pre-Press, Press or Post Press, Extended Warranty Programs provide cover for all Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic breakdowns or malfunctions, which require repair, replacement or adjustment of parts or components for any equipment or machinery which is protected by our program. So if a part or component is broken, deformed, seized, sheared, shattered, snapped, overheats or burns out, the Parts, Labour and Travelling repair costs will be covered.

Interested in how Atlantic can provide your company with a program to reduce your costs and increase profits then please visit our Web Site at www.atlanticpsm.com or contact us on +44 (0) 1992 561 300, or contact us at sales@atlanticpsm.com.

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