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Do as we do

This is the rallying call of Leach MD James Lavin. Read on and you’ll find out what he’s talking about…

Do as we do. Not often you hear that message from a company managing director to competitors. But Leach MD James Lavin is taking the novel stance from what he sees as a moral duty as well as one of commercial sense.

“A year ago, at the start of 2019, Leach commissioned a survey which focused on the various high street challenges being experienced by retailers. A major discovery was that environmental considerations are now one of the main priorities for this sector when it comes to selecting suppliers, including graphic display providers. 

“And this green conscience seems to be an emerging trend across the business community and wider public in general. Horrific news stories such as the current fires in Australia, constant eco protesting, the plight of young Greta Thunberg, and the popularity of programmes such as Blue Planet, all combine to place climate and wider sustainability issues on the radar of the masses. Consequently, there has never been such a keen eye on companies to make changes and ‘do their bit’ for sustainability.

“This certainly highlights the need for all those in the supply chain - from printers and manufacturers to installation and fit out teams - to be fully aware of clients’ environmental expectations at all stages of their working relationships. Whether factoring in eco considerations when first conceptualising a product or simply offering more planet-friendly solutions when pitching for work, it’s clear to see that this green agenda is not going to disappear any time soon. 

“Reacting to the current climate and moving with the times is a vital way to ensure marketplace longevity, and Leach certainly isn’t afraid to keep up with new trends and technologies. And being in business for over a century is testament to the fact that such a customer-centric approach pays off.

“As a provider of extensive graphic display equipment for a range of visitor centres and public spaces, Leach is fully aware of the high level of moral responsibility on its shoulders. That’s why we’ve always had this ‘eco’ conscience, with products incorporating LED lights for energy efficiency, changeable graphics to promote reusability, and lightweight - even rollable - solutions, to reduce transport costs. 

“In recent times however - aware of the growing environmental credentials that companies are expected to uphold - Leach has taken a step further, inviting customers to participate in a series of ‘innovation forums’. These open debate sessions allow clients to put forward their concerns and requirements for future products, and - as a customer-focused business - this has helped Leach to work with these organisations to shape ongoing R&D. 

“The latest outcome of these collaborations is 12 months and £100,000 of investment into next-generation graphic display solutions with even greater green-performance, as we urge others to follow suit and adopt a stronger eco-stance in 2020.

“In addition to any corporate moral responsibilities felt, the likelihood is that, during this new decade, customers will increasingly opt for more environmentally-friendly options available to them, given the choice. So, making the decision to ‘go green’ is also a strategic one for companies to adopt.  Failing to make these advances - such as offering products which reduce carbon impact with no detriment on product quality, and integrating the use of sustainable materials into production methods - is very risky indeed.

“Presently, the team at Leach is working on enabling the availability of a recyclable alternative to every single product in the current range and, where this is not possible, offering a PVC-free option instead - which is easier to recycle and therefore still a ‘healthier’ choice. 

“During this new decade - where we all hope to see a stop if not even some reversal of the negative effects on the environment, so that there is hope for future generations - Leach is calling upon others across the print sector to adjust their environmental mindsets too, amidst the mounting pressures for companies to do more to protect the planet. The future is bright…if we all get on board.”

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