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Drupa innovation park 2012 plans unveiled

The Drupa innovation park 2012 presented by digi:media (‘dip’) will focus on particularly young companies, start-ups and players with groundbreaking solutions and applications.

“Whereas in the past it was mainly the degree of technical innovation which was the focal point, today ‘dip’ is picking up the top themes in the sector and increasingly placing the focus on the connection between content, technology and business models”, said Manuel Mataré, director of Drupa.

This development of ‘dip’ goes hand-in-hand with the conceptual and spatial interlinking with Drupacube, the forum for the communications sector and print buyers. At the last Drupa, in 2008, Drupacube was located in the open-air grounds between Halls 2 and 3. In 2012 it will be in hall 7A, directly adjacent to ‘dip’ Hall 7. 

“With this spatial configuration we can get the communicative interaction started between visitors and exhibitors much more effectively and also among the exhibitors themselves”, explained Mataré. “

The Drupa innovation park occupies over 3,000m2 of exhibition space and is broken down into nine segments: 

Print Automation Park

Process optimisation in the print process aided by planning systems, shopfloor management systems, and MIS systems working in concert with JDF and server applications.

Asset Management Park

From database to paper or any other medium systematic management and use of digital content and documents.

Dynamic Publishing Park

A single source for all media: strategies and solutions for multichannel publishing applications for print and web, Web-to-print, print-to-Web, print-on-demand.

Print Meets Mobile Park

Applications for mobile devices like mobile tagging, QR codes and augmented reality solutions for the future of print in combination with mobile communication. 

Digital Imaging Park

Innovations for striking worlds of digital images.

Marketing Solutions Park

Tools for targeted communication, ranging from campaign management and transactional advertising to white space marketing.

Print Product Innovation Park

Innovative print products, from print finishing solutions to secure printing.

Printed Electronics / Functional Printing Park

Print in process. Engineering is becoming increasingly important.

Green Printing Park

Innovations for sustainable print production.

Messe Düsseldorf has commissioned Sandra Winter (Winter Consulting) with the realisation and coordination of the Drupa innovation park.



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