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The Out of Home Media session in the DrupaCube made it clear that print needs to be more vital if it’s to take a serious slice of the OOH advertising budget in years to come. Here’s what some of the speakers had to say on the topic.

Do you shy away from difficult conversations in the workplace? Many managers do, but there are ways of making them less painful as Natasha Stone, a communications consultant at the Learning Consultancy Partnership, explains.

Matthew Peacock, managing engineer for Vision in Print, explains why you need one and who it should be.

Successful change programmes within a company are not only highly rewarding but really useful as examples and as reference points for future projects. Whatever part of the production process is worked on, be it the reduction of steps needed in administration, to reduction of waste, when done well, the results will be significant. Huge savings can be made, but that is not always the most satisfying part.

Can you improve your data management to better target customers and better service them once you have them? Tony Hodgson from print technology, data management and marketing consultancy Individua guides you to better performance with these top tips.

The much respected designer and founder of the new Brandit Furniture venture, which offers wide format-printers a new revenue stream.

Designer David Bartlett’s contact book reads like Who’s Who – and soon you could be in there with the great and good given he’s asking printers interested in getting involved with his new project, Brandit Furniture, to get in touch.


Phil Thompson, head of BPIF Business, takes you through the seven steps to prepare for automatic enrolment.

EMAS stands for ‘Eco Management and Audit Scheme’ but you can be forgiven for not realising that – it’ not exactly well known. But it’s about to be, so listen up.

UV inkjet technology is migrating to narrow-format label production, but there’s also plenty of opportunity to produce labels on wide-format kit as Melony Rocque-Hewitt finds out.

Labelexpo Europ e, which took place in Brussels at the beginning of October 2011, was a sell out. In fact, it broke all records in the show’s 30-year history both in the number of exhibitors, attendees and equipment sales. While the halls were awash with new UV inkjet narrow-format presses from the likes of HP, Durst and EFI, wide-format players such as Roland DG, Mimaki and Esko Graphics were plying their wares too.

At Fespa Digital 2012, as part of the Explore Conference programme, Paul Streeter-Jewitt posed the question: Is it possible to win business even when yours is the highest priced quote? He thinks you can – here’s how.

Phil Thompson, head of BPIF Business, considers customer relationships and provides some basic ground rules on building the most profitable ones.

Do you fix customer files without charge? If not, do you explain that this is a value-added part of the service? Phil Thompson, head of BPIF business, explains why it’s imperative that you have a true collaboration with your customers.

Typically the further down a company resides on the supply chain the greater the pressures from both suppliers and customers. However, because of the expertise that is available to the industry, there are areas where the business can go on the offensive and make life a lot easier and more profitable for itself. Educating your customers, if done well, can tie them in to share investment to create transaction technology infrastructure and develop an almost symbiotic relationship that will benefit both parties. Companies can also look to standardise files in a format that is compatible, to reduce the sometimes significant amount of work needed in order to make them print ready. Often, for the one off and irregular work there is little opportunity to influence the work that is coming in; however, are there ways of improving the transfer of information between the end client and the printer? Obviously there is little point in doing this unless it will reduce your costs, turnaround time and improve profitability - so what can you do to maximise these benefits?


Lesley Simpson, editor of Image Reports, speaks to Justin Murray about Print Project Management, which calims to be a missing link between designers and the advertising agency to print manufacturers.

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