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Mix and match

How Screenprint Productions is benefitting from employing digital inkjet as part of its traditional screen print operation.

Competition time

As wide-format continues to attract more players we asked kit manufacturers/suppliers where they now see their largest target markets and how that’s impacting on the way they develop product and do business.

Blueprint for Print Providers

Diversification is crucial to the success and growth of many of today's print businesses. But just how does that work at grass roots level? Jon Baker, director at NES, tells his company's story.

What the agencies want

 How do you convince agencies/creatives that wide-format print deserves a bigger share of the media budget? Donna Brown, head of offline production at OgilvyOne Worldwide, tells it as she sees it.

Innovation is key to continued business success as this magazine espouses on a frequent basis. Within the busy online corridors of Fespa's Wide Network there has been an ongoing discussion on the topic too. So just what do we mean when we talk about innovation? There are various definitions.

Becoming Mr Motivator

What's your staff's morale like? If it's flagging exercise your motivational powers. Walter Hale explains how.


Can Sign and Digital UK entice you to Birmingham in April? Here's what the event promises to deliver in what is a busy 2010 show calendar.

Fespa has set out 'Eight Steps to Innovation' to encourage wide-format entrepreneurs to embrace innovation more actively as part of their strategy for future growth. Ahead of June's 'innovation' themed Fespa Munich, sales and marketing director Marcus Timson has warned that: "Innovation can be intimidating for entrepreneurs, especially when they are steering their businesses out of an economic downturn, with the inevitable focus on efficiency and cost- and cash- management that brings."


Digital Imaging Services is making money from its creativity and project management as much as from print by producing stunning visual campaigns, such as this enormous brickwork vinyl and metal 'graffiti'.

Tackling climate change

We're not talking about the environment - but the new business climate. Given that we now operate in what's been described as a 'new normal', what can we expect to face in terms of finance and investment challenges in 2010, and what can we do about them? BPIF director of corporate affairs, Andrew Brown, gives his view.

Five print chiefs and OgilvyOne's head of offline production sat down together to explore the issues surrounding its slow take-up and potential growth. Here's their take on the matter.

Go Future Gazing

at Sign and Digital UK, where the UK wide-format industry does business.

The UK's premier sign making and digital printing event returns to the Birmingham NEC on the 13th, 14th and 15th April 2010.


Love or loath it, W2P is a great way to get more work, and its absence a great way to lose it, so should you learn more about it?

Playing the generation game

Successful selling has always been predicated on an accurate understanding of the customer and his needs but are your sales professionals in step with the new buyers? Consultants Peter Lancaster and Jacky Morgan explain what you need to do to attract them.

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