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Is Web-to-print part of your service offering or are you one of the many wide-format print producers who see no value in it? If you're the latter, you're missing out.

There's a certain reluctance among large-format printers to use W2P - largely because it's felt it drives prices down, there's a preference to do bespoke business on a face-to-face basis and there are concerns over the level on cash and commitment it will require. But online is how many of your potential customers want to do business, so are you dismissing it too readily? Here's what five print companies have to say about their experiences with W2P.

Photos from a phone take off at Heathrow

Prepare to be stunned if you are visiting Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport before next summer - and I'm not just talking about the beauty of the building itself, but of the huge panoramic prints you will see inside. Tasked by photographer Henry Reichhold to print and install his experimental mobile phone pictures in an enormous 3.5 x 50m exhibition space, Skyline Whitespace has delivered a true large-format photographic spectacle.

Slash and burn

Cost cutting is still high on most company agendas, but it's all too easy to do long term damage for short term gain. Follow these pointers for a more sustainable process. 

Dare to be different

 To market its bespoke printed furniture Digital Plus is showing off its wares and taking orders at a bookshop. Co-founder Owen Russell explains the rationale.

Where are we going to?

In its new report Novel Applications for Printing Technologies, PIra takes an in-depth look at novel printing methods and potential markets over the next 15 years. Here, the report's author, Sean Smyth, looks at future possibilities for wide-format inkjet printing.

Time to call in the experts

 DIY is all well and good but sometimes you need outside expertise. Vision in Print provides just that via its business improvement programme which gives you the framework to build a more streamlined and efficient business.

The line of succession

Do you know who will take over the family business when it's time for you to wave goodbye? Unless you have a plan in place you might find yourself dethroned withoutthe due level of financial support.

Give us a twirl

Should you be turning to 3D modelling? The ability to turn flat design graphics into moveable 3D representations of finished jobs will give you the edge. So is it a fasion set to take off?

Irish cream

The main show in the Ireland print calendar is about to take place. Here's what you can expect from Sign and Digital Ireland 2009.

Playing the risk game

Take no risk and you can expect no reward. It can be a ruthless game, but follow these tactical tips and you will stand a better chance of coming out on top. By Walter Hale.

Second hand rise

With money tight it's hardly surprising that trade in used wide-format printers is stronger than ever. So can you find real value-for-money deals?

Finding Investment Finance

Manufacturers and suppliers have a vested interest in helping you find funding for new equipment. So should you turn to them in these tough economic times?

To VDP or not  to VDP?

That is a good question, and one that deserves asking again given that variable data printing still fails to make much real impact in wide-format. Why aren't we seeing more wide-format print using variable data?

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