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Why you should be aware of the fledgling Higg List eco index.

Heard of the Higg Index yet? Indications are that you will, and that one-day it will impact upon the way you do business - and who with - because this is a fledgling eco index that promises to fly far and high.

As energy bills rise Darren Riva, head of financing at the Energy Efficiency Financing scheme, explains how you can help the planet and your bottom line.

Squeezed between a sluggish economic recovery and rising electricity prices, businesses will continue to seek ways to reduce operating costs in 2013 and beyond. As a result, energy efficiency has been propelled to the forefront of the management agenda. In the energy-intensive printing industry there is significant energy saving potential. 

The last issue provided a synopsis of the Image Reports panel discussion: ‘Can you sell your sustainability USP as a printer?’ This month, we look at some of the key arguments aired at EcoPrint over why you need to take sustainability seriously even if you can’t.

Not just converted but evangelical is how I’d describe the keynote speakers at EcoPrint, and listening to them explain why the issue of sustainability is of intrinsic importance to our future it’s difficult not to be swayed by their fervour.

Can you sell your sustainability USP as a printer?

That’s the question Image Reports posed at its EcoPrint debate. Here’s how the panel’s international spread of print experts see it…

Building an Ark may be going a bit far, but you certainly need to make preparations for the chaos climate change may wreck on your business as environmental consultant Clare Taylor explains.

We read a lot about preventing climate change, but what about preparing for it? It is happening, and we are already feeling the effects: research for Defra found that almost a third of UK businesses had been significantly affected by extreme weather between 2007 and 2010.Checking the possible impacts on your business and being prepared makes sense.

How a more efficient approach to colour management can dramatically boost your environmental credentials and bottom line by cutting ink use and waste.

Somehow we seem to have assumed that being environmentally friendly is going to cost us more. This idea is so endemic to the way we think that green policies have become one of the biggest casualties of the current economic crisis. Yet one of the biggest threats to our planet’s health is the sheer amount of waste that we all produce. It’s no surprise that reducing waste is also a pretty good way of increasing profit margins.

Verdigris founderLaurel Brunner explains what steps are afoot to help you develop a measurable environmental policy, with a focus on ISO 16759.

It can be hard for individual printers to develop a measurable environmental policy but the forthcoming ISO 16759 should address this. For a growing number of printers, sustainability and working to protect the environment are becoming more important. This is not just because many print company owners believe in helping the industry to be more environmentally friendly, but also because customers are putting them under increased pressure to do so.

Did you miss out on the Planet Friendly talks that formed part of the Explore Conference at Fespa Digital? If so, here are the edited highlights.

Printers attending Fespa Digital this year really missed out. As part of its Explore Conference during the show, Fespa ran a two-day Planet Friendly series of talks, those on the first day built around the theme ‘Why be green?’ and on the second around ‘How to be green?’ Attendance was pitiful, leaving speakers who had honed their presentations to a print audience talking largely to other presenters, journalists and representatives from interested exhibitors - a shame because the environment, and print companies’ attitudes and behaviour towards it, is clearly becoming an ever bigger issue with huge potential impact on how the print industry as a whole and the specific print businesses within it progress.

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