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Over to you...Mark Bradley, MD, Digital Imaging Services

Mark Bradley,
MD, Digital Imaging Services 

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment?

DIS was founded in 1997 as a wide-format digital graphics company with no direct links to the traditional print areas of screen and litho.

Profit margins on jobs were healthy. In recent years many ‘traditional’ printers have invested in wide-format kit, but in many cases these companies use this equipment as a bolt on service where a ‘print high volumes at low margins’ philosophy prevails, making investment in both staff and equipment here much more difficult.

Where do you see the greatest wide-format opportunities?

Flexibility. We’ve seen an increase in the range of large-format production work being requested for each project.

What would make your day-to-day operations easier?

Another tier of internal account managers. This would help distribute workloads and help us improve customer service. In a market which is increasingly being driven by cost, being able to offer more than price gives a distinct advantage.

Your favourite bit of kit is..?

We have recently installed an Mtex direct-to-textile printer, and the quality and vibrancy of the fabric work we are running just looks amazing! The new printer hasn’t stopped running and it’s great to see soft signage - a new sector for us - evolving.

What’s the best bit of business advice you’ve been given?

I was directed from a young age to always operate with trust and integrity no matter what you are doing,

What are you most proud of achieving?

Our last project! Our work is delivered in ever decreasing timeframes but we have a great team where everyone gets the job done with a smile. That makes me happy.

What lesson does the wide-format sector need to learn?

The importance of a trusted, reliable supply chain. Our large-format work often incorporates so many facets - steelwork, timberwork, specialist materials - along with key logistic partners, and we all need to integrate seamlessly.

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