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Over to you... Chris Berrisford, Insite Graphics

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment?

Having a strong and robust economy is really helping, and that is on an international basis as well as in the UK.

Where do you see the greatest wide-format opportunities?
The ability to offer value-added services to customers - such as personalisation and customisation - and to do this in short runs with quick turnaround. These are all key aspects that enable us to work effectively in the live events market.

What would make your day-to-day operations easier?
We spend an incredible amount of time going from our facilities in central London to venues around Europe so it would be very handy to have our own travel agent/booker.

Your favourite bit of kit is..?
Definitely our Zund. Whilst it was a very large investment at the time, it has without doubt been the best piece of kit we have bought. It has been reliable and versatile, allowing us to deliver some amazing graphic printed ideas. Perhaps there is truth in the old adage that you should ‘buy well, buy once!’

What’s the best bit of business advice you’ve been given?
James and I started off working from a space in an advertising agency in 2001. The agency was owned by a truly enigmatic gent, everything you may expect from an ad agency owner of the time. However, he did provide us with one piece of sage advice, and that was that we should choose to work with the successful clients and look after them very well, advice that has allowed us to grow the business into what it is now.

What are you most proud of achieving?
Reaching our 15th anniversary this year. We have grown the business organically by retaining our customers through strong relationships, delivering above and beyond expectations, with the best people we could find. It’s been hard work and a brilliant journey, but we are not resting on our laurels - there’s plenty more we want to achieve, so watch this space!

What lesson does the wide-format sector need to learn?
Wide-format is one of the tools we use to deliver graphics to live events but I’m not sure we can proffer any advice to the sector, other than that we really appreciate the interesting machines and materials that allow us to deliver our vision to our customers.

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