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Over to you...Julian Robinson, MD, Spectrum Sign and Display

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment?

The dollar. We export to the US on a daily basis and the weak pound is working in our favour.

Where do you see the greatest wide-format opportunities?

There are plenty of opportunities out there, but I’m going to keep those ideas to myself.

What would make your day-to-day operations easier?

Access to skilled labour. Current shifts in employment mean there is a shortage of skilled labour in the marketplace. We do have an apprenticeship recruitment policy and last year gave five apprentices permanent full time positions, however, this is a long-term investment and finding skilled labour is difficult.

Your favourite bit of kit is..?

Our new championship table tennis table, but for manufacturing I would have to say it’s our new Jetrix KX7 flatbed printer. Watching how quick it works is astounding.

What’s the best bit of business advice you’ve been given?

Stay focused. There is never enough time to pursue every idea that you have. Stick with your original business plan - it can be a big vision but it requires detailed and dedicated focus.

What are you most proud of achieving?

The rebrand of the Royal Hospital Chelsea (home of the Chelsea Pensioners). I originally pitched and won the contract for the new infirmary. Our signs and branding were that well received we ended up rebranding the whole 66 acre site!

What lesson does the wide-format sector need to learn?

Companies need to look at new markets, opportunities and ideas. There are too many companies whose idea of marketing is to simply undercut somebody else. All this does is lead to prices being driven down leaving little money for reinvestment.

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