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Angel Awards 2019

Alleluia! 2019 has seen some real innovation in large-format products and systems development. Once again we highlight those that the editorial team consider worthy of particular praise. They are…

Inca Onset X HS, Fujifilm

This high-speed range comprises two models, the Onset X2 HS and the Onset X3 HS, and uses a single cycle mode that optimises print jetting profiles and jetting frequencies to deliver up to 1450m2/hr. There’s automated on- and off-loading systems, UV shutter alignment and table skin adjustments to take average job set-up time down to around 30 seconds. The machine uses Fujifilm’s Uvijet OX ink for adhesion to media like corrugated board, packaging and non-PVC rigid plastics. 

Stitch S, HP

The 3.2m Stitch S1000 textile printer made its debut at Fespa Global, alongside the 1.62m (64in) Stitch S300 and S500, and marks HP’s entry into the dye-sub market. Since the introduction Caldera has announced Rip certification and support for the series, having developed TextilePro printer drivers specifically for the range. The workflow suite has been designed to give HP Stitch users the ability to control, colour, ink and substrates. Onyx too has had its Rip software certified for the HP Stitch textile printer line. 

TrueVis VG2 series, Roland DG 

Introduced early in 2019, Roland has won a number of awards for these 64in and 54in wide-format eco-solvent inkjet printer/cutters that incorporate FlexFire printheads, have a new colour management preset called True Rich Color, and use a new generation TR2 inkset that now includes orange and is certified Greenguard Gold. Also new are middle pinch rollers that raise automatically prior to starting the cutting process, allowing media to be cut without the rollers travelling over the printed area. An optional take-up unit supports two modes according to the type of media chosen. The included VersaWorks 6 Rip software supports the latest Harlequin Rip dual core engine with PDF 2.0 and native 64-bit processing.

Karibu, swissPrint

swissQPrint’s unveiled what is its first ever roll-to-roll printer at Fespa Global in May and worldwide deliveries started in September. The 3.4m wide UV inkjet printer, earmarked for the soft-signage market, uses NVC-free and Greenguard Gold certified inkset, and through tests specified by the ISO 20690 standard, Fogra has confirmed the printer is highly energy efficient. 

JFX200-2513 EX, Mimaki

This UV flatbed printer is successor to the JFX200-2513 and is substantially faster than previous JFX models. The new machine, which has a 250cm x 130cm print size, is said to be 280% quicker in new draft mode when printing in four colours plus white, and 100% faster for all other print modes than previous JFX printers. The entry-level printer also has Mimaki’s 2.5D Texture Maker for textured effect print without lengthy file preparation. 

Velo Blade, Vivid 

This system combines cutting, creasing and perforating in a single pass, and has auto-feed, conveyor belt and collection tray for unattended production. It handles stocks and sizes of between 210mm x 297mm to 600mm x 400mm, and cuts at up to 1000mm/s. Gantry mounted vacuum clamps operate alongside air separation jets, feeding stock into production - loads from 100mm up to 1.5mm or 1200gsm can be handled. A CCD camera picks out registration marks to align the cutting head then a tungsten steel blade carries out the cutting process, whilst the vacuum-grip conveyor belt holds stock in place. It is then automatically stacked in the collection tray.

Rosetta Rip, Shiraz Software

The Shiraz Rosetta Rip is an end-to-end Web-to-print solution for the large-format market. It includes new image streaming technology that business development director Ramin Shahbaz likens to Spotify and that allows users of the software to “securely and transparently” stream images for printing. The product was launched on Shiraz’s new dedicated website at the start of July and can be tested for 15 days in fully working mode. Lease pricing is from £30/month.

Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition, Barbieri

With Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition, first shown at Fespa Global 2019, Barbieri has delivered a colour measuring device that can handle automatic and spot measurements in dye-sub print environments. The spectrophotometer has a large measurement aperture, special holders and an air blowing system to prevent textile fibres contaminating the optics and the camera-based patch recognition. 

Wallshark, Kernow

WallShark is a self-adhesive, PVC-free, and scratch resistant film developed from the floor graphics film FloorShark, using the same shark-skin ink-receptive technology. It has been developed to look like a high-end quality traditional wallcovering and can be printed with all types of wide-format inks. 


tilia Cloud, Tilia Labs

At Printing United 19 Tilia Labs showed Industry 4.0 platform tilia Cloud - coinciding with the announcement of its first formal IoT integration with Zund Cut Center. Designed to support and facilitate the opportunities of Industry 4.0, tilia Cloud is a secure but open framework that  “aims to revolutionise the way print companies connect, access and manage data”. It gathers and stores data in real-time from connected equipment and moulding that data into meaningful information that allows actions to be automated and decisions made instantaneously. 


Ufabrik Eco, CMYUK

Launched this autumn as part of CMYUK’s own-brand media portfolio, this is a woven canvas made from recycled plastic bottles and suitable for wallcoverings, display graphics and tension frame systems.  It has B1 flame retardency and is compatible with latex, solvent or UV inks. The media is available in various roll widths up to 310cm. Other products are expected to be added to the range in 2020.


SPECIAL MENTION - Soyang/Blue Castle for their PVC banner recycle scheme

Soyang Europe partnered with waste management specialist Blue Castle earlier this year to create a PVC Recycling Membership Scheme. Test sites, such as Gardners, have been impressed by what is the first step towards a very real recycling solution to the use of PVC banner material, so widely used within the printing industry but not recyclable. 

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