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The European Digital Press Association (EDP), representing Europe's 20 trade magazines on digital production including Image Reports in the UK, is seeking submissions for the next round of its EDP Awards.

In keeping the widthwise 2013 theme, a panel of grassroots players recently met in a round table to discuss the issues impacting upon the wide-format sector.

o what opportunities and difficulties do you face? Graham Clark of McKenzie Clark, Clive Hill of Repro Arts, consultant Trevor Ford, Janette McCormick of MCS Ltd, and Lesley Simpson, Editor of Image Reports magazine discuss these issues in a roundtable. 

In this roundtable discussion about W2P, Peter Lancaster, consultant, Gavin Page, Macnhester Printers,  Richard Clark, Raccoon, Christ Southall, Fosco Hayes Hurdley and Ian Richard Ingle from www.eyeswidedigital.com debate the issues.

Grassroots players, Tim Andrews from Hollywood Monster, James Jennings from MacroArt, Nick Oakley from Media Village, Mick Barker from Novograf and Darren Marsh from OTW, discuss the findings of the annual Widthwise wide-format market survey and chew over the main issues of the day.

Industry chiefs Lascelle Barrow from Augustus Martin, Phill Reynolds from Cestrian, David Nicholas from Fosco, Duncan Armstrong from Kingfisher Graphics, Steve Phythian from CPS and Peter Barham from Graphics Works, come together to discuss the findings of Widthwise 2011 and to chew over the state of the sector. 

It was to be expected; the state of the economy and its impact on business was bound to be one of the more hotly debated topics when Image Reports brought together players from across the wide-format print spectrum to discuss the findings of its Widthwise 2011 poll. This annual survey, now in its fourth year, collected data from more than 200 print companies involved in wide-format from across the UK and Ireland, to provide a clear picture of the current state of the market and to highlight issues that impact upon those within it.

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