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From revolution to evolution: That’s where we are in terms of large-format digital print development, a move that you can expect to see reflected at Fespa Digital 2011 in Hamburg in May.

Evolution: a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. Yep, that works as a definition for today’s large-format print community. We’ve oft repeated the mantra ‘adapt or die’ in Image Reports as the sector morphs from one thing into another and printers develop their diversification instincts in a bid for long-term survival. So it’s little wonder that Fespa adopted the ‘Evolution’ theme for its 2011 show. 

For the first time Northprint will highlight the potential of wide-format digital print via a special applications showcase. Here’s what to expect.

As wide-format expands its remit its attraction to would-be players is becoming more obvious, and with so many niche products and sectors that should not so much create a problem for those already involved in the market as serve to help educate a wider audience about the potential. To this end, Image Reports is working with Northprint to deliver a Wide-Format Applications Showcase this May.

We give you the heads up on what you can expect in terms of large-format digital developments at Sign and Digital UK at the NEC, 12 – 14 April.

The regular flow of investment and installation stories coming through since the start of 2011 supports what all the market indicators have suggested – that large-format digital inkjet is still growing apace and that the sector will see continued equipment purchasing through the year. The last Image Reports Widthwise Report (summer 2010), which analysed data from over 200 UK and Ireland printers involved in large-format, showed that 72% were planning to buy new equipment specifically to take them into new niches/markets and indications from the current data being polled is that this continues to be the case. So, it’s a safe assumption that many of you will be looking to see what’s new on the market and therefore be a likely visitor to Sign and Digital UK at the NEC this April.

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