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In conjunction with the newly published Image Reports Widthwise survey 2022 we asked a number of manufacturers how the findings reflect what they’re seeing within their own companies and in the wider market - and how they are tackling key issues flagged up by the poll.

We hear an enormous amount from printer manufacturers about the opportunities afforded PSPs by textile printing. Yet, our Widthwise survey findings show relatively little exuberance in this sector when it comes to the oft forecast moneyspinner. So should you be having another look at textile print kit?

Be clever and think smart. Software developments and integrations mean large-format PSPs have more opportunity than ever to gather and analyse data from across the whole of their operations, and to use that intelligence to make them more efficient and profitable. 

The volume of ‘eco’ consumables hitting the wide-format print market is impressive. But though the most visible, is the environment all that’s on the inks and media R+D spectrum?

The reclassification of certain chemicals used in ink production, and impending legal changes on its use, could cost you dear. Here’s what you should know.

What do PSPs still want in terms of technical development within the wide-format print sector? Here’s the grassroots response to the question.

Eco blah, blah. That’s what so many of us hear when it comes to environmental input, because the global focus on the issue means everyone has to say something about it, even if it’s really nothing of any real meaning. So what do wide-format print kit manufacturers have to say?

What technical developments will most impact large-format digital inkjet in 2022 and beyond? That’s the question we asked a number of industry software and hardware developers to help you get ahead of the game. Will these responses help you do that?

Before you write off investment in finishing kit this year, just consider what’s being introduced to fill the gaps in the market.

Increasingly, inkjet printer manufactures are extending their reach by adding industrial printers to their offering?  But, what do they mean by ‘industrial’, and do machines matching that definition have any place within graphics sector PSPs?

Increasingly, when it comes to business efficiency, and potential growth, it’s all about the data. So what are MIS suppliers doing to help convince you that they are working on more suitable systems for this sector, where there’s still such reticence to invest?

As online product ordering continues apace, should the large-format print sector be doing more to embrace W2P? What are the stumbling blocks to successful implementation and a good ROI? What do suppliers of W2P solutions need to do to help PSPs transition? Here’s what print chiefs have to say in in answer to these big questions.

Cost, supply, product development - what’s happening where, and when? We talked to key manufacturers and suppliers for their take on the key issues impacting inkjet inks and large-format media.

By the end of this year a company called Zaikio hopes connect the whole printing industry through a new holistic platform. Here’s the vision…

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