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Business Rates proving too heavy to bear? Scott Conway of Venture Banners puts out a rallying call for SMEs to join him in a revolt against expected rate rises in 2013.

Are you a member of one of the UK’s local business networks?If not, perhaps you should think of joining. Other printers are and to tremendous effect.


Is David Cameron playing games with us when it comes to environmental policy? Is the man who promised “the greenest government ever” leading from the front or tagging along at the back?


Image Reports asked a number of key finishing manufacturers and suppliers the following question: What key technical issues/problems are large-format print producers asking you to help them with when sourcing finishing equipment – and what are you doing in terms of R&D to help resolve those? Here’s what they said…

Target consumers direct with bespoke products they will pay dearly for. That’s what Matic Media did when it realised it needed to fill printers with higher margin work. Richard McCombe explains how.

Having spent most of my working life in the offset litho side of the print industry I am very aware of the history of colour control and the massive roll it played in the growth of four-colour print over previous decades. Since my migration to wide-format digital in recent years I watch with interest the growing importance of colour expertise in this sector too.

So says Steve Malkin, founder and CEO of Planet Positive on the topic of sustainability, where he believes the print sector can still take a lead.

Should you be talking to your suppliers about flexible and complEmentary training? Ronen Zioni, HP EMEA GSB marketing director, thinks there’s never been a better time to do so. 

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