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Two heads are better than one

We all understand the importance of networking and interactivity in terms of knowledge sharing in business. As the world gets smaller, should we be looking towards forming more global partnerships? Tecna Display MD Jonathan Evitt thinks so.

Lip service or business service?

Are suppliers really helping you develop your business or is all the talk of business partnering just a disguised sales tool? Canon LFP product professional Gill Mussell says why the former makes the most sense.

The seed has been sown

According to industry surveys this print sector is well aware that it needs to be more proactive and innovative in finding new business. In 2010 will businesses start to reap the benefits of the hard work ploughed in during 2009?

Becoming virtual visitors

As show season advances toward us, print industry consultant Malcolm McReath asks whether we really need to trudge miles to physically attend these events, or whether online virtual visiting is becoming a more attractive proposition.

Be a law enforcer

1 October saw changes to employment law. If you fail to adhere to the changes you could be in for a nasty shock as Matt Goodman from the Forum of Private Business explains.

Become a Jack-of-all-trades

To be a Jack-of-all-trades is said to be master of none. But is that actually true in this age of diversity and opportunity? Yes, I did say 'opportunity'. You might be thinking how can anyone in their right mind believe that there is now room for opportunity and growth? Well, when you've lived through and survived one recession, what's another except a new challenge to wake up to every day and tackle the situation head-on.

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