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Obvious costs, hidden costs and the need to raise your own prices - Matic Media MD and Print Scotland vice president Richard McCombe considers the implications of all these for print businesses.

Could SDUK 2022 be your first face-to-face industry networking opportunity since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic? Here’s what you can expect if you’re heading to the Birmingham for the event NEXT MONTH.

Workplace racism has been on the rise for some time now. Tina Chandler, head of employment law at Wright Hassall outlines the legal technicalities of managing racism at work, and how it should be combatted should it ever occur.  

It’s happening. Brands are starting to demand better recyclability of temporary retail display and packaging. So do you check out as a supplier?

Perhaps governments around the world should stop arguing like kids in the playground and work together on a plan to cut carbon in the atmosphere. Walter hale investigates.

Eco blah, blah. That’s what so many of us hear when it comes to environmental input, because the global focus on the issue means everyone has to say something about it, even if it’s really nothing of any real meaning. So what do wide-format print kit manufacturers have to say?

Is your business sustainable? Do you need to add services and solutions to make it so? Can you do that on your own, or should you form more partnerships? Mike Freely, marketing and sustainability director at Service Graphics Display, believes in the latter.

2021 may not have been the busiest year when it comes to product launches, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some that deserve praise. So without further ado, our annual Angel Awards this time around go to…

Over the course of 2021, Richard Clark of Raccoon has been providing this diary on how his business has coped. Here’s his end of year report and HOPES for the NEW YEAR.

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