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Thanks to QR codes, print has moved into a whole new dimension. Act fast and become involved to access new opportunities.

Printing has gone beyond surface. What you see is no longer the whole picture of what you can get. Thanks to the development of smart phones and the use of Quick Response or QR codes, print has now become a gateway to dynamic, moving worlds and new markets.

The British Bankers’ Association provides pointers in how best to work with your bank to secure the finance you need in light of new guidelines.

Sophie Matthews-Paul finds this new machine to offer good quality and good features at a good price.

In the wide-format sector there are machines that are launched with a fanfare and do hitherto impossible digital tasks. On the other hand there is a quieter band of manufacturers producing engines which do as it says on the tin, and which continue to serve the large numbers of users who want to produce bread-and-butter applications without having their lives and working practices disrupted.

ROI is what it’s all about, which is why Fujifilm believes it has a way of convincing you that buying an Onset makes sense.

Fujifilm has recently announced a new initiative to encourage printers of all sizes to take its Onset Challenge (see Cover Story) – the intention being to prove the impressive ROI of the range, which has so recently been extended with the S40.

Twenty products across four categories receive plaudits from the European Digital Press Association. The European Digital Press Association, now in its fifth year, has gone from strength to strength with graphic arts magazines from 18 member countries representing over 1 million readers across Europe. Each year the EDP Association (of which Image Reports is the UK member) comes together to debate, discuss and award the best in innovative technology within the digital printing market and this time around it has presented 20 prizes across four categories: print engines, finishing kit, consumables and software.

Time to go with the soft option?

Is textile printing finally going to take off within the large-format inkjet print sector in the UK? Derric Landor explains why he thinks the long anticipated trend will finally become a reality.

It’s in the planning

Melony Rocque-Hewitt looks at how large format digital print is being incorporated into building design and refurbishment.

Employment solicitor David Regan explains the implications for employers of the abolition of the default retirement age which has just started to kick in this spring.

Need some support and back-up? Garth Allison, UK managing director of Fastsigns, a visual communications franchise with over 530 centres worldwide, puts forward some compelling arguments for reviewing the franchise option.

Be Planet Positive

Don’t dither, do it! How a new cheap, quick and easy online business sustainability programme could help you make money and win business.

From revolution to evolution: That’s where we are in terms of large-format digital print development, a move that you can expect to see reflected at Fespa Digital 2011 in Hamburg in May.

Evolution: a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. Yep, that works as a definition for today’s large-format print community. We’ve oft repeated the mantra ‘adapt or die’ in Image Reports as the sector morphs from one thing into another and printers develop their diversification instincts in a bid for long-term survival. So it’s little wonder that Fespa adopted the ‘Evolution’ theme for its 2011 show. 

Good cash management is arguably more imperative to company success in an upturn that in a downturn. So make sure it stays on the agenda even though things are getting better writes Walter Hale, our business knowledge expert.

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