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Neschen increases opportunities for latex print

As every reader will almost certainly know, one of the biggest stories in the industry in the past two years or so has been the success of latex printers.

New Opportunities for see-through graphics

in a series of three articles, Contra Vision, the inventor of see-through window graphics, explains how to design, sell and produce see-through graphics. In this last article, how to produce backlit see-through graphics, choosing and using lamination films and utilising non-perforated, non-pvc materials to produce see-through graphics.

Kongsberg XP Auto

Sophie Matthews-Paul goes to Norway to see how the new automated EskoArtwork cutting line handles a range of packaging materials.

Making better margin

Why Superior Creative is shifting its emphasis from litho to digital, and how significant a part wide-format is playing in the transition.
“Many litho printers find it difficult to make the transition into digital wide-format print because they don’t have the knowledge-base. But with margins the way they are in litho it’s important to find other avenues and opportunities. For us that means moving to digital in general as that’s what will drive our business forward, and wide-format in particular will be a major area of investment.” So says Ian O’Connor, managing director at Superior Creative in Wiltshire, a company founded in 1976 as a design and litho print operation. Today litho still accounts for the biggest slice of its print business, but that’s changing.

All change 

The majority of large-scale change business plans fail, so if you are at the end of the line and need to realign how do you do it effectively? Walter Hale highlights some key points.

Mix and match

How Screenprint Productions is benefitting from employing digital inkjet as part of its traditional screen print operation.

Competition time

As wide-format continues to attract more players we asked kit manufacturers/suppliers where they now see their largest target markets and how that’s impacting on the way they develop product and do business.

Media not mediocre

Fujifilm’s euromedia experience brings innovation, creativity and wonderful product names to the world of flexible media for large-format printing.

Sustainable POS in retailing

What can the ‘green’ initiatives instigated major retailers say about the way you’re going to have to operate to continue to win their print business? By Steve Lister, business development director, Robert Horne.

Image Reports has just published the results of its third annual survey of print companies involved in wide-format print across the UK and Ireland. The findings are explored in detail in the Widthwise Report, a free copy of which can be downloaded from the IR website, but here’s a synopsis of the key issues.

Two heads are better than one

We all understand the importance of networking and interactivity in terms of knowledge sharing in business. As the world gets smaller, should we be looking towards forming more global partnerships? Tecna Display MD Jonathan Evitt thinks so.

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