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Love or loath it, W2P is a great way to get more work, and its absence a great way to lose it, so should you learn more about it?

Playing the generation game

Successful selling has always been predicated on an accurate understanding of the customer and his needs but are your sales professionals in step with the new buyers? Consultants Peter Lancaster and Jacky Morgan explain what you need to do to attract them.


Is Web-to-print part of your service offering or are you one of the many wide-format print producers who see no value in it? If you're the latter, you're missing out.

There's a certain reluctance among large-format printers to use W2P - largely because it's felt it drives prices down, there's a preference to do bespoke business on a face-to-face basis and there are concerns over the level on cash and commitment it will require. But online is how many of your potential customers want to do business, so are you dismissing it too readily? Here's what five print companies have to say about their experiences with W2P.

Screen Truepress Jet2500UV

In the first of a new series of features taking an up close and personal look at solutions in the digital wide-format arena, Sophie Matthews-Paul spends a day with Screen UK to put this 2.5m printer through its paces.

The EDP Interview: HP

HP chiefs are quizzed by journalists from magazines within the European Digital Press Association in this inaugural interview with leading suppliers.

Where we're heading

With the 2010 Widthwise survey of the UK and Ireland's wide-format print market just around the corner, Sophie Matthews-Paul talks to the sponsors of the last report about its findings and what it indicates about the ongoing direction and development of the sector.

The photographer's dream machine

HP's Designjet Z3200 wide-format aqueous-based printer duo encapsulates every feature needed to produce high quality accurate results.

The more it changes, the more it's the same thing

Plus ?a change, plus c'est la m?me chose rings true with the current crop of aqueous-based printers as, with quality and reliability now a given, there has been no real recent major transformation in this technology. Sophie Matthews-Paul sums up what's available.

But o, photography! as no art is

Digital processes have married to become essential elements amongst today's photographers, allowing them to edit the images they capture and produce quality prints of all sizes. Sophie Matthews-Paul looks at how this sector has grown in the past few years.


Wide-format digital print is helping photographers, artists print providers and everyone in-between to create stunning large-format images. Sophie Matthews-Paul looks at some examples.

PVC: waste no-one wants

As more customers demand that printers take back their used graphics, the issue of how to responsibly dispose of PVC is becoming a real headache. So should the consumables suppliers be doing more to help you?

Photos from a phone take off at Heathrow

Prepare to be stunned if you are visiting Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport before next summer - and I'm not just talking about the beauty of the building itself, but of the huge panoramic prints you will see inside. Tasked by photographer Henry Reichhold to print and install his experimental mobile phone pictures in an enormous 3.5 x 50m exhibition space, Skyline Whitespace has delivered a true large-format photographic spectacle.

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