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Giant strides made by superwides

 This year has seen important additions to the 5m-wide printer offering. The added versatility of these big beasts now makes them a worthwhile investment argues Sophie Matthews-Paul.

The line of succession

Do you know who will take over the family business when it's time for you to wave goodbye? Unless you have a plan in place you might find yourself dethroned withoutthe due level of financial support.

Follow the leader

A year after announcing its Environmental Vision 2050, Epson is actively pursuing sustainable development. But is its call for other manufacturers to follow suit being heard?

Give us a twirl

Should you be turning to 3D modelling? The ability to turn flat design graphics into moveable 3D representations of finished jobs will give you the edge. So is it a fasion set to take off?

Where green becomes grey

Are we using greener materials or is cost preventing us? Sophie Matthews-Paul considers the views of manufacturers and suppliers of roll-fed substrates.

Mix and match

Do you have accurate colour matching across your wide-format printers? David Radtke, head of product management at colour specialist GMG, explains why it's easier than ever to get it right and make a difference to your business.

Great expectations

Are you getting a gold rated service from your suppliers? If not, is it all their fault or are you expecting too much?

Screen shows off Truepress Jet1600UV-F

Making its debut at Print 09 is the Truepress Jet1600UV-F from Screen. Aimed at those wanting to produce backlit graphics, posters, POP displays, commercial furniture and construction signage, the flatbed printer uses UV-LED curing to extend the range of media it can handle while consuming fairly low levels of energy. The UV-LED light source used by the Truepress Jet1600UV-F generates very low heat during imaging, meaning it can accommodate heat-sensitive materials such as foam and channel boards, PVC, acrylic and styrene panels without warping or distortion.

GPT adds Z?nd cutters to portfolio

Graphic Printing Technologies (GPT) has added the Z?nd G3 range of digital flatbed cutters to its portfolio. Developed specifically for 24/7 operation, the Z?nd G3 is available in nine models, all of which can accommodate Z?nd tools and material-handling features.

Become a Jack-of-all-trades

To be a Jack-of-all-trades is said to be master of none. But is that actually true in this age of diversity and opportunity? Yes, I did say 'opportunity'. You might be thinking how can anyone in their right mind believe that there is now room for opportunity and growth? Well, when you've lived through and survived one recession, what's another except a new challenge to wake up to every day and tackle the situation head-on.

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