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Screen Truepress Jet2500UV

In the first of a new series of features taking an up close and personal look at solutions in the digital wide-format arena, Sophie Matthews-Paul spends a day with Screen UK to put this 2.5m printer through its paces.

The more it changes, the more it's the same thing

Plus ?a change, plus c'est la m?me chose rings true with the current crop of aqueous-based printers as, with quality and reliability now a given, there has been no real recent major transformation in this technology. Sophie Matthews-Paul sums up what's available.

PVC: waste no-one wants

As more customers demand that printers take back their used graphics, the issue of how to responsibly dispose of PVC is becoming a real headache. So should the consumables suppliers be doing more to help you?

Photos from a phone take off at Heathrow

Prepare to be stunned if you are visiting Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport before next summer - and I'm not just talking about the beauty of the building itself, but of the huge panoramic prints you will see inside. Tasked by photographer Henry Reichhold to print and install his experimental mobile phone pictures in an enormous 3.5 x 50m exhibition space, Skyline Whitespace has delivered a true large-format photographic spectacle.

The annual Image Reports Angel Awards recognises products launched throughout the last year that the editorial team consider the most innovative and likely to have make an impact in the wide-format sector. Find out who are the top of the pops for 2009...

A cross-section of digital wide-format psps recently came together to discuss the findings of the Image Reports’ 2009 widthwise survey and to comment on the state of the UK market. Here’s what Graham Clark from McKenzie Clark, Nick Holland from N3 Display Graphics, Darren Marsh from OTW Imaging, Brian Judge from C3 Imaging, Andy Williams from Andesign, Chris Stringwell from Digital Plus and Andy Wilson from Press On Digital Imaging had to say...

Put seven printers together around a table with a remit to debate the state of trade and direction of the marketplace and you know you’re for a lively discussion and some eye opening comment. That’s exactly what the participants in this second annual Image Reports Round Table delivered. The panellists, chosen to represent a cross-section of the UK’s digital wide-format market, were asked to provide their thoughts on the back of key findings from the magazine’s 2009 Widthwise Report and as a precursor to the upcoming 2010 survey. On the broad issues there was a high level of agreement but don’t be led into thinking that meant everyone was of one accord! Here’s how the discussion panned out…

Be a law enforcer

1 October saw changes to employment law. If you fail to adhere to the changes you could be in for a nasty shock as Matt Goodman from the Forum of Private Business explains.

Getting the right double-act

Sophie Matthews-Paul takes you through the plethora of combination flatbed/roll-fed printers now available.

Inflexible friends

Sophie Matthews-Paul looks at how environmental issues are shaping the rigid print media offering.

Slash and burn

Cost cutting is still high on most company agendas, but it's all too easy to do long term damage for short term gain. Follow these pointers for a more sustainable process. 

Dare to be different

 To market its bespoke printed furniture Digital Plus is showing off its wares and taking orders at a bookshop. Co-founder Owen Russell explains the rationale.

Where are we going to?

In its new report Novel Applications for Printing Technologies, PIra takes an in-depth look at novel printing methods and potential markets over the next 15 years. Here, the report's author, Sean Smyth, looks at future possibilities for wide-format inkjet printing.

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