Thu, Sep

EFI buys textile print ink manufacturer

EFI has bought out BDR Boya Kimya San, a Turkey-based manufacturer of reactive inkjet inks for digital textile printing.
  The previously privately held company will be integrated into the EFI Reggiani business - provider of textile inkjet printers using water-based inks. BDR staff will continue to work from the company’s current sites in Turkey. EFI Reggiani vice president and general manager Adele Genoni said: "The synergies arising with BDR and the world-class portfolio of EFI Reggiani textile printers will be a key point of emphasis for us to continue providing high-quality products and innovation. EFI Reggiani is also significantly strengthening its presence in Turkey with this acquisition, which brings us to the heart of an important and growing textile hub."   Founded in 2016, BDR has experienced significant growth and has a significant presence in Turkey and Pakistan and, increasingly, across Europe, the Middle East and India.   "BDR has always been very focused on the growing worldwide opportunity with digital to increase sustainability in the textile industry using high-performance and quality inks," said Serra Saatcıoglu Yildiz and Ibrahim Demir, BDR's co-founders. "EFI's global, best-in-class Reggiani portfolio fits exactly with our own key goals for innovation and growth. We are excited to be joining EFI to work together on advancing the industry's analog-to-digital printing transformation."   While financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, they are not expected to be material to EFI's Q2 or full-year 2019 results.

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