Mon, May

SGP to speak at sports alliance summit on greening the print supply chain

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is partnering with the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) for the 2019 GSA summit in the US in June.
SGIA director of environmental, health and safety affairs, Gary Jones, will speak on green print purchasing and how sports facilities can meet various purchasing needs while further reducing impact on health, community, and the environment. The two-day summit (19-20 June, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia) aims to bring together hundreds of industry stakeholders to learn and share better practices and the latest innovations in greening operations and advancing the supply chain. It offers an opportunity to network with sports, sustainability and brand professionals in a collaborative setting to engage in problem-solving and skill-building workshops to reduce impacts. The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is a non-profit organisation that certifies printing facilities' sustainability best practices and advocates best practices and innovation among print community stakeholders, aligning the printing industry and its customers in the pursuit of a more accountable sustainable supply chain. The Green Sports Alliance is the environmentally-focused trade organization that convenes stakeholders from around the sporting world (teams, leagues, conferences, venues, corporate partners, governmental agencies, athletes, and fans) to promote healthy, sustainable communities.

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