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Mimaki launches JFX200-2513 EX

Mimaki is using Fespa Global as the European launchpad for its JFX200-2513 EX UV flatbed printer, successor of the JFX200-2513 launched six years ago. The new machine, which has a 2,500mm x 1,300mm print size, is said to be 280% faster in new draft mode when printing in four colours plus white, and 100% faster for all other print modes than previous JFX models.
The entry-level printer also uses Mimaki’s 2.5D Texture Maker to enable PSPs to offer textured effect large-format print without lengthy file preparation. The layering technology has been designed for ease of use and eradicates the process of creating multiple Photoshop files featuring stacked stepped layers for smooth expression as Mimaki’s Rip software RaterLink6Plus completes the process by adding a greyscale image of the original coloured file in the Rip. The JFX200-2513 EX has a vacuum-controlling foot switch for when the user is not hands free and needs the media to be held stable on the print bed. An ethernet connection is now also provided, improving the functionality for IoT connections. Another interface has been added to connect external safety devices such as a safety curtain. Additionally, the system includes Mimaki Core Technologies, Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) for uninterrupted printing.

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