Mon, May

Arete Combo introduced

The new Arete Combo - capable of printing on both transfer paper and directly onto fabric - has been launched by Korea-based d.gen.
Equipped with Xaar’s 1201 printheads, the Arete Combo is available in six-colour and four-colour versions. It recognises the continuous change of weight and diameter in media through its jumbo feeder. “With 1280 nozzles per colour the Arete Combo can print at 1200dpi with only two passes and at a speed of 80mr/hr,” said Bruno Ruggiero, sales director at d.gen. The company will exhibit at ITMA Barcelona 20-26 June, where it will showcase the latest version of the Papyrus Grande, six-colour hybrid dye-sublimation printer able to print on both fabric and transfer paper.

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