Mon, Aug

Fujifilm announces XMF Workflow subscription service

Fujifilm is now offering its XMF Workflow solution as a subscription service rather than an up-front purchase.
"Many print businesses are unhappy with their current workflow solution, but struggle to justify the significant up-front cost of investing in an entirely new system. By making XMF available on subscription, print businesses get all the benefits of a world-class workflow solution, for an affordable monthly fee. The benefits, particularly to small and medium sized businesses with lower turnovers, will be substantial," said John Davies, group product manager, workflow, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe. Davies added: "Fujifilm XMF is one of the most comprehensive workflow platforms for managing integrated production. It has been carefully designed to meet the hugely varied production demands of sheet-fed, web and digital printers, and is based on Adobe's PDF Print Engine. Since its inception, it has led the way in combining the creative depth of Adobe's Creative Suite applications with efficient and streamlined print production. Our XMF ColorPath and Griffin planning software solutions are already available via subscription, so we see this service as the logical next step.”

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