Sun, May

Leach handles bold graphic for Sports Direct HQ

A 40m illuminated display, designed by shopfitting specialist Replan and produced by retail graphic display specialist Leach, has been installed at Sports Direct’s headquarters in Nottinghamshire.
The graphic - displayed in the stairwell and showing a nature scene with cascading waterfall - is made from a 4m x 11m curved lightbox suspended overhead, with 30x1m² lightboxes staggered to the floor. It has been produced using Leach’s new Lightwave technology, the result being a graphic display that looks like a giant video wall. But instead, dynamic LED has been integrated into the lightboxes to create an eye-catching sense of movement - in this case, flowing water - for what is said to be around 20% of the cost of the video wall alternative. “Thanks to Replan’s approach to breaking new boundaries with design, Sports Direct now has a real wow factor installation within their HQ retail environment,” said Daniel Deakin, sales account manager at Leach. “We’ve combined dynamic, ultra-bright, programmable LEDs with HD quality graphics. This digital hybrid is one of the most exciting uses of lightboxes that we’re seeing in the retail space at present, without any need for a single screen.”

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