Tue, Oct

US visual comms group takes on director of corporate social responsibility

The US-based Vomela group of visual communications companies has appointed social impact veteran Lou Raiola as director of corporate social responsibility and cause marketing.
“In this newly created position, Lou will drive our efforts in the communities across the nation, where our employees live, work, and play,” said Vomela president and CEO Mark Auth. “He will advance the social responsibility strategy he assisted us in creating over the past several months.” Raiola has become a go-to resource when it comes to creating the unlikeliest of partnerships between the business, non-profits and celebrity influencer communities. In 1986 he founded Force Multiple, where served as CEO for more than 30 years. The organisation unites celebrity influencers, corporate brands, non-profits, and media to drive social change, create awareness, and empower youth activism worldwide. In 2017 he created the Purpose Awards honouring companies and brands, creators and influencers, and non-profits and NGOs that use online video and social media to amplify their message, foster engagement and participation, and make a greater, more meaningful impact. Last year he founded The Purpose Alliance to drive cultural change and inspire corporate purpose transformation. Vomela employs 1,300 people in 23 cities across North America.

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