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Zund brings out new cutting tool

The new Zund Press Cutting Tool (PCT) has been designed for easier processing of corrugated cardboard.
He company said the PCT offers much greater stability than oscillating tool, enabling faster processing speeds and cleaner, more precise cut edges. To make it perform in this manner, the PCT is equipped with a convex glide shoe that compresses the material during the cutting process, which produces a pillowing effect along the cut lines. The resulting edge quality equals that of conventional die-cutting. A stepless adjustment ring controls the processing depth of the glide shoe and the amount of compression. The tool is suitable for corrugated cardboard up to 7mm thick without running the risk of tearing or puncturing the linerboard. The PCT is also capable of cutting very fine detail, including radii as small as 3 mm, with the new Z104 drag knife recommended for this purpose.

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