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Spreadshirt expands its Kornit fleet

On-demand apparel brand printing specialist Spreadshirt is to renew and expand its fleet of DTG printers to support increased demand and to move into new categories.
Spreadshirt - which prints more than 5.5m items annually - recently launched a division for third-party fulfillment, which is already seeing rapid growth. The company also plans to expand into polyester sports clothing. Spreadshirt has bought Kornit Atlas systems, to be installed at multiple sites internationally. The Kornit Atlas is a high-capacity system, designed to deliver typical annual production capacity of up to 350,000 impressions, optimizing production efficiency and cost of ownership. The system is aimed at highly productive garment decorators, mid-to-large-size screen printers, and innovative businesses looking to combine state-of-the art technology with lowest cost of ownership. In addition, Spreadshirt has been testing the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro, given its plans to expand into the ports and athleisure segments. The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro - an industrial level system for high-quality printing on polyester, preventing dye-migration - is based on Kornit’s patented NeoPoly Technology. Hanne Dinkel, chief customer delivery officer at Spreadshirt, said: “Quality and customer satisfaction have top priority at Spreadshirt. With the significant investment we are making in new technologies and machines, we will not only achieve top print results, but we will also be able to meet more customer demands in less time.”

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