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J&G waste scheme to boost recycling at Sun Chemical UK sites

J&G waste scheme to boost recycling at Sun Chemical UK sites

Sun Chemical has appointed Blandford-based print waste specialist J&G Environmental to manage waste and boost recycling rates at its ten UK manufacturing plants. The ?1m contract will involve the collection of a wide range of waste streams and customer returns, including inks, solvents, coatings, packaging and plastic and steel barrels. Much of the waste will be transported to the huge Cadishead, Manchester, waste handling centre run by J&G's parent company Cleansing Service Group (CSG), which operates advanced specialist treatment and disposal facilities for print waste.

J&G customer services manager Richard Spreadbury said the contract committed both companies to work closely together to both reduce the amount of waste produced at Sun sites and to significantly increase the volume being recycled for use as raw material in other manufacturing processes.

"Until now, Sun had been utilising the services of around 200 separate waste contractors. Bringing the entire operation under one roof is already showing real reductions in waste management costs and an increase in recycling rates. ?

"Waste handling is now a highly regulated industry and dealing with legal documentation is in itself an onerous task if companies are to ensure compliance with today's strict Duty of Care regulations."?


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