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Perspex Distribution awarded gold status for fleet efficiency

Perspex Distribution (PDL) has been awarded an Energy Saving Trust recognised gold award by fleet tracking provider Masternaut for reducing CO2 emissions.
The Masternaut Fleet CO2 Certification Programme is awarded annually at three levels. To achieve the top gold status, PDL - which runs a fleet of 23 vehicles across five UK branches - reduced CO2 emissions by over 19,000kg in 2018. “This award recognises the investment PDL have made in recent years to running a greener and more efficient fleet. We have replaced 60% of our truck fleet in the past 18 months with new models, and we have introduced a programme of independent driver training to maintain safe and efficient driving standards,” said Robert Johnson, PDL group compliance and process manager. The Energy Saving Trust has independently certified the programme and stated: “The Energy Saving Trust has conducted a limited assurance verification of Masternaut’s Fleet CO2 certification methodology and can give assurance on its accuracy as a measurement of CO2 improvement. The method of CO2 emissions calculation used by Masternaut is based on primary fuel data captured which generates the highest precision level for CO2 emissions calculations. When these values are combined with vehicle distances then the resultant outputs can be used to assess vehicle efficiency on an ongoing basis.”

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