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Fespa UK Association appoints its first female president

RMC Digital Print operations director Nicole Spencer has become president of the Fespa UK Association - the first female to take on the role.
“One of my key areas of focus as president will be diversifying and expanding the range of insight and support we offer to our members, as well as embracing technology and innovation to ensure that we are working together towards a more sustainable future,” said Spencer, previously vice president of the association and now replaced in that role by Nick Kirby from Swanline Print. Spencer is keen to raise awareness around sustainable printing methods and encouraging printers to consider initiatives to support them in minimising wastage. Tony Moscrop, MD at Dufaylite and outgoing president at Fespa UK Association said: “Sustainability is undoubtedly high on the agenda. Swanline Print and RMC are industry leading companies on this important issue so I am sure their planned combined efforts and initiatives will provide significant benefits for association members, their customers and the environment. During Nicole’s term as vice president, she supported me during a period of significant change and growth for the association and the sector at large. I am delighted about her appointment as president of Fespa UK Association and it was a great pleasure to hand over the chain of office at the recent board meeting.” “Both Tony and Nick have pioneered products that are made from recyclable materials, so with their support, I feel we can help our members to replace some of their current products with more sustainable resources,” said Spencer, who also pointed out that association members have access to a network of contacts, technical information and tailored events which include sustainability as a key theme. On Tuesday (8 October) the new Fespa UK Association president was one of the participants at this year’s Image Reports Widthwise Round Table discussion on the state of the UK’s large-format print sector. You will be able to read what she and other print chiefs had to say in the December issue of the magazine.

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