Mon, May

German PSP starts running first Karibu

Stiefel Digitalprint has begun operating the first Karibu roll-to-roll printer.
Lanched by swissQprint in May 2019, worldwide deliveries of the machine started in September. Stiefel Digitalprint has been a swissQprint user since 2011 and the new Karibu is the fourth large-format printer from the manufacturer to be installed on its premises in Lenting, near Munich. Managing director Bernhard Stiefel said: "As expected, Karibu delivers impeccable quality and is a reliable all-rounder, and the day-and-night applications are fantastic." Although the printer is currently producing mainly PVC tarpaulins, it also processes wallpapers, a swathe of different textiles, and backlit media. Operator Dennis Weinrich added: "The Karibu is such a user-friendly printer. Roll changes are fast and easy."

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