Mon, May

Roland IU-1000F UV LED flatbed unveiled

Viscom has seen the unveiling of the new Roland IU-1000F UV LED flatbed printer, available in Europe, North America and Japan from the first quarter of 2020.
Able to print on materials/objects up to 2510mm x 1310mm, 110mm in height and 45kg/m2 in weight, the newcomer has a top running speed of 116m2/hr. Equipped with 12 printheads in a staggered three-row arrangement, the IU-1000F can print up to 635 x 1800dpi with variable droplet technology that can simultaneously fire three sizes of droplets at high speed. Printing time for a typical 1220 x 2440mm rigid board averages about 15 boards per hour (48.5m2/hr) in the ‘standard’ print mode. About 10 sheets (32m2/hr) can be printed in the ‘quality’ mode. In addition to high-adhesion, high-density CMYK UV inks, printer supports white, gloss and primers. For optimal efficiency the IU-1000F features has an ionizer that removes static electricity, and print bed media alignment pins.

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