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See UV varnishing breakthrough at Ipex

See UV varnishing breakthrough at Ipex

Short-run printing of spot UV varnish over matt laminated film is being demonstrated at Ipex 2010 by Autobond via a process incorporating LED curing from Integration Technology (ITL). Autobond aims to show its new Mini 36 TPM-SUV sheet-fed laminator inkjet-print a spot UV, LED curable varnish inline on top of matt film - a move that Autobond claims could have implications 'far beyond the laminating process'.

"Around 95% of all spot UV varnish goes on top of matt film but it's normally done on traditional screen presses, which means it's too expensive for short-run jobs," said Autobond managing director John Gilmore. "The Mini 36 TPM-SUV can manage jobs as low as two or three copies. Makeready between jobs will be virtually eliminated and the running speed will be up to 30m/min." ? ?Autobond's new laminator utilises ITL's LEDZero Solidcure technology. "The LED curable lamps don't produce ozone and use around 20% of the power required by equivalent UV lamps whilst lasting about twelve times as long. They also run cold, so there is a reduced risk of fire," said Gilmore.



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