Thu, Oct

Sir Peter Bazalgette speaks at Printing Charity lunch

Speaking at The Printing Charity’s annual lunch Sir Peter Bazalgette, non-executive chair of ITV, has called on people to have the confidence to invest in great projects such as Crossrail and a super digital highway as a legacy for future generations.
The guest speaker noted that two of the charity’s past presidents, Disraeli and Gladstone, had links to his great-great-grandfather Sir Joseph Bazalgette, by lending him money to build London’s sewage system and effectively ending London’s cholera epidemic. He said people should emulate the Victorians' flair for public works that are still used today. Jon Wright, charity’s chairman, told guests of the progress it has made in the last year. It helped nearly 1,750 people, up by one third year-on-year. Welfare support was given to 820 people, which included nearly 200 people supported through redundancy in 13 companies, while 830 people received support through its education and partnership activities. Wright also spoke about the emotional support the charity provides on the phone to beneficiaries being highly valued and this year the charity has started to work with industry partners to offer practical and emotional support to their employees.

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