Wed, Jul

Epson helps The Royal Academy Schools celebrate milestone

The Royal Academy Schools has officially kicked-off its 250th anniversary celebrations with an event that included a tour for guests of its Epson Digital Media Suite.
A number of artists and current Royal Academy students were on-hand throughout to share their experiences of digital printing and the role it increasingly plays in the development of their careers as professional artists. Mark Hampson, painter, print maker and head of fine art processes at the Royal Academy Schools, said: “In 2018, the Royal Academy itself celebrated its 250th anniversary through its RA250 UK campaign, and this year, we have begun celebrating the 250th anniversary of the RA Schools. The RA is a charity and therefore relies on the generosity of its patrons to continue training some of the most up and coming artists, so the Epson relationship is a very important one for us. The launch event was a great chance to demonstrate the depth and strength of this relationship to a much wider audience than usual.” Nick White, business manager, professional graphics, Epson, added: “The Royal Academy School exemplifies the values we also hold true at Epson - the desire to continually push the boundaries of what is possible - to ‘exceed your vision’. The Epson Digital Media Suite provides the perfect environment for the schools’ students to keep confidently pushing their artistic boundaries.”

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