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Calls on printers to get more involved in trade associations

Fespa UK Association is calling on printers to contact it to discuss training and recruitment issues ahead of a meeting on the topic in January.
“We want to get grassroots input so we can consider the best way forward in terms of support,” said Nicole Spencer, Fespa UK president and operations director at member company RMC Digital. “We are aware companies are having difficulties attracting, training and keeping good people. If we can ascertain where the problems lie we can help formulate appropriate solutions.” The call for more active member participation in the association comes as Mike Hall, chair of the ISA-UK technical committee and member of the ISA-UK council also issues a rallying call to colleagues within the sector. Hall, who formally retires from his position at the end of December 2019, said: “Sadly, there are still too many people working within our industry who are quick to criticise but slow to get involved and influence real change. Whilst we’re definitely moving forward and setting higher benchmarks, the sign-making industry still needs pulling up by its bootstraps in order to really excel, raise standards and become a truly authoritative and trusted voice. I would urge all sign companies and suppliers to find out more about ISA-UK and how they can engage, share their expertise and have a say in the future of the sign and graphics industry.”

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