Sat, Jan

Innotech offers new printable fabric made from plastic bottles

Innotech has introduced a dye-sub, UV-C and latex printable 100% polyester fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.
Vertex Marine - currently available in 3.2m widths (free A4 samples are available on request) - uses plastic bottles received in compacted bales and broken down via vibration. The PET is crushed into flakes that are then washed before being turned into pellets that are melted, extruded and spun into polyester yarn from which the material is then made. Kieran Dallow, marketing manager at Innotech said: “To put this in perspective, one roll of 3.2m x 100m Vertex Marine material uses just under 4,000 plastic bottles, which otherwise could have made their way into the ocean.” A display fabric at heart, Vertex Marine is designed to be used as promotional tablecloths, tube display backdrops or other frontlit applications.

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