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Former Service Graphics chief Ben Moss re-enters wide-format industry with McKenzie Clark

Former Service Graphics chief Ben Moss re-enters wide-format industry with McKenzie Clark

Ex-Service Graphics sales director Ben Moss is coming back into the wide-format industry in April after an 18-month absence following the sale of Service Graphics to St Ives. He is joining previous rival, London-based McKenzie Clark, as commercial director.

Moss said: "I have really missed the dynamics of the wide-format print and display industry and look forward to joining McKenzie Clark. I have known McKenzie Clark Chairman Phil Jones and MD Graham Clark for some time and believe that the business is in a great position to become the major wide-format and display business in the UK. Our industry is rapidly evolving and the board of McKenzie Clark has continued to invest in equipment and people and is determined to adapt and grow. A combination of organic growth and acquisition over the next few years is a very exciting prospect for me".

Moss started his industry career at Superchrome in 1989 before founding Jupiter Display in 1992 and then becoming a driving force in Photobition and Service Graphics. As sales director of Service Graphics he was instrumental in growing the business into a ?42m operation with 400 staff working from eight different sites.?

Clark said: "I genuinely believe there continues to be plenty of opportunities within the industry. To benefit from these we need to continue to build the strongest team in our marketplace and to create the best facilities and product range. I am therefore delighted that Moss has decided to join us. If we are to meet current and future customer expectations we must provide faster, cheaper and more innovative solutions and we must grow the business to achieve the economies of scale necessary to maximise our overhead and generate the significant profits required to provide on-going job security for our staff and to maintain future growth and investment".


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